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tomorrow is the school carnival wooooo :D im very excited for halloween
the beatles are my fave band at the moment which is a big change. usually i don't let anything be my fave band besides nirvana. hahaha :D. ive been anti social lately and i apologize to my friends for that. ive just been in one of my weird moods :|. im dumbfounded at the moment of what i should write. i miss my friend kennedy... :( ive been thinking of the good and bad things we have gone through. i just miss having her around since she was my best friend... anyways ill write soon.

more photos for robert

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photography .... <3

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little bit obsessed with photography lately :D here are some pictures


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just school. im glad for my good grades or else i would be in trouble. right now i am listening to pink floyd god they are amazing.i was listening to the beatles. beatles bring back weird feelings like a sudden sadness but happiness at the same time. these past few days have been alrighttt i just wanna go back home. ive been busy talking to my friends robert and james which is making me procrastinate on my homework so thanks guys :D hahahahaha. i really really really want to go up to my grandmas i just want to be surrounded by nature and i want to speak to a psychic. i really want to find out about my past lives. these past few days i have been feeling very strange like ive been having very strong feelings about things. i dont know i feel like im very mature, and i already know i dont want to be my age. but anyways im done writing.


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my week has been alright :D just some drama that im trying to avoid but whatever. im very bored right now and all my favorite websites are not working because of maintenance. post later


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hahahahha i love this sign!


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i was just outside and i felt such good vibes. it felt good to feel the wind and for it to be so peaceful. while i was standing their watching my sisters dog it brought back memories from my childhood. it made me feel so happy. just remembering my neighbors and i playing fairies, polly pockets, listening to the a teens, and taking walks to the park behind our house. i remember every time we would walk to the park we would stop and look at the monument for a girl who died and i still remember her exact picture. sometimes this makes me miss my childhood and it makes me wonder what happened to those people. even though this was when i was like 7-8 i still remember these memories clearly. sometimes i feel like i want to go back to those days. i love life and im glad to be on this earth. its so beautiful and full of mysteries and adventures. i wonder everyday how this earth works. i love the beauty of the trees and plants and all the animals. why does man have to ruin it by building cities and houses which pollute our earth and all of the roads have so many cars putting out poison. you see on the roads and sidewalks little cracks that have plants growing out of them and it makes you realize that life is everywhere. i love our earth.