school days

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damn i had a whole paragraph on this then my computer crashed!

anyways i will restart.

i have a real problem with the people at school now a days. this society is shit and i will try my hardest to not conform. i mean come on what happened to individuality and being smart. is it cool to be dumb now a days. everyone looks the same! what happened to expressing yourself. why is their a lot of insecure girls gets pretty annoying getting asked all the time if my hair looks okay how do i look do you think im fat i mean come on are you really that insecure or are you just fishing for compliments. i dont see why people cant love themselves and love life. you know i get called weird all the time at school just because i express myself and stand up for what i like. but im happy with myself so i dont really care what anyone thinks about me and thats how all people should be!