school school school

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im very tired of school! im getting called weird a lot :| of course it doesnt bother me but sometimes it does. i went to my club meeting today which was kinda boring they could have done better. ive been slacking off on my homework and its starting to bug me i really need to stop going on facebook so much or else it will get taken away sooooo i should stop but i really like talking to people on their. im really liking art in school im doing a drawing of kurt cobain so i will take a pic when im done and post it. im gonna do a drawing of kurt at home also cause i love art that much. i really should post some of my art work on here. my table in art class says im the best hahahaha. :)

bands ive been listening to:
alice in chains
bikini kill
red hot chili peppers
the beatles

so thats it for now :D